How to control the cost of injection molding!


1、 Production workshop

The layout of production workshop is mainly considered from two aspects: under the condition of meeting the production demand, optimize the layout according to the production process, and meet the requirements of flexible energy use under the specific production conditions.

1. The power supply, while meeting the power requirements for stable production of injection molding, shall have appropriate margin, so as not to cause excessive non functional consumption due to excessive margin.

2. Build cooling water circulation facilities and equip cooling water system with effective insulation and heat preservation system.

3. Optimize the overall production layout of the workshop. Many production processes have sequential coordination. Reasonable coordination can reduce the time and energy consumption required for turnover and improve production efficiency.

2、 Injection molding machine

Injection molding machine is a big energy consumer in injection workshop, which mainly includes motor and heating.

1. Select appropriate injection molding machine according to product characteristics. "Big horse pull small car" type injection molding often means a lot of energy waste.

2. Select the full electric injection molding machine and hybrid injection molding machine, with excellent energy saving effect, which can save 20-80% energy.

3. New heating technologies, such as electromagnetic induction heating and infrared heating, can achieve 20-70% heating energy saving.

4. Adopt effective insulation measures for heating and cooling system to reduce heat and cold losses.

5. Keep the transmission parts of the equipment well lubricated to reduce the increase of energy consumption caused by increased friction or unstable operation of the equipment.

3、 Injection mold

Mold structure and mold condition often have a significant impact on injection molding cycle and processing energy consumption.

1. Reasonable mold design, including runner design, gate form, cavity number, heating and cooling channel, etc., can help to reduce energy consumption.

2. The use of hot runner mold can not only save materials and reduce the energy consumption of material recovery, but also has significant energy-saving effect in the molding process itself.

3. The profiling quick cooling and quick heating die can significantly save processing energy consumption and achieve better surface quality.

4. Ensure the balanced filling of each cavity, help to shorten the molding cycle, ensure the product quality uniformity, and have excellent energy-saving effect.

4、 Peripheral equipment

1. Select the injection molding auxiliary equipment suitable for the ability, which can not only meet the work requirements, but also will not be too rich.

2. Do well in equipment maintenance to ensure that the equipment is in normal working condition. Abnormal auxiliary equipment will lead to unstable production and even poor quality of parts, resulting in increased energy consumption.

3. Optimize the cooperation work and operation sequence between the host and peripheral equipment.