The function of EDM working fluid in injection molding!


When we do EDM for injection mold, we can often see that on the EDM machine, we need to constantly add working fluid to the EDM machine. Why do we add it? Its function is to improve the working efficiency of EDM and maintain the speed and quality of EDM. But the working fluid also needs special requirements.

The requirements of EDM for working fluid are: dielectric ability, better deionization ability and arc extinguishing ability, good permeability and stability, as well as better washing performance, anti-corrosion performance and lubrication performance, harmless to human body, low price, etc. In the early stage, kerosene was mostly used. At present, emulsified oil-water solution, ionic water and special spark oil are widely used.

The non-stop circulating and filtering device of the working fluid of EDM is an indispensable part of EDM. Its function is to timely remove the corrosion products in the discharge channel, and continuously supply clean working fluid to ensure the stable process of pulse discharge. Circulating device is generally composed of working fluid pump, filter, pipeline and flow control valve.

EDM working fluid not only improves the working efficiency of EDM electrode machining, but also reduces the waste of electrode during machining. It improves the appearance of injection molding parts during injection molding, which is well received by customers.