Fault analysis of automobile engine harness


Scorching, ablating and ablating of automobile harness are the "dangerous" failure modes of engine harness, which may lead to the burning of the vehicle. There are many reasons for this situation. There are five kinds of analysis.

1) Too close to the thermal radiation source leads to fast aging of the harness.

2) There is high temperature gas leakage around, and the ambient temperature of the harness exceeds the temperature range that the material can bear.

3) The environment is relatively closed, with less air convection, mainly relying on radiation and cooling, and the cooling speed is slow.

4) The overload of circuit load causes the conductor to heat violently and burn out the external insulating sleeve.

5) The fixation and protection measures of harness are not well done. The harness is near the engine, exhaust pipe, water pipe and other heat sources, which is often burned or even scorched due to the lack of harness clip fixation, so that the electrical equipment can not work normally.