Car harness design process!


1、 The electrical engineer of the main engine plant shall provide the function of the electrical system of the whole vehicle, electrical load and relevant special requirements, the state and installation position of the electrical parts, and the form of the connection between the vehicle harness and the electrical parts.

2. According to the electrical schematic diagram, the power distribution of each electrical subsystem and circuit, including the distribution of grounding points. And draw the corresponding vehicle electrical schematic diagram.

3. Draw a 3D harness layout.

4. According to the distribution of electrical components of each subsystem, determine the wiring form and the direction of the automobile harness on the automobile; determine the external protection form and the protection of the vias; and determine the model of the terminal and the sheath connected with the electrical components according to the connector of the electrical components themselves: Draw a two-dimensional diagram.

5. Check the two-dimensional drawing according to the frozen three-dimensional harness layout and schematic diagram; send the drawing after confirmation, trial production and production after approval.

The layout and segmentation of automobile wiring harness are considered according to the specific situation of body sheet metal and the distribution of electrical parts of the whole vehicle. The trend segment should not be restricted to some form, but should consider its distribution trend from the electrical point of view of the whole vehicle on the premise that the body sheet metal can meet the harness layout.