The production of automobile harness tooling board!


As the main working tool of wire harness industry, tooling plate plays an important role. In the back-end assembly work, employees need to rely on tooling plate, which can be said to be the basis and foundation of the work. Its layout and graphic information are directly related to production efficiency / product quality.

Tooling plate is a kind of auxiliary production tool. Its purpose is to produce automobile wire harness to meet customers' needs. What is customers' needs? That is the harness 2D drawing, which is usually called customer drawing. It is a drawing drawn by the harness engineer according to the electronic and electrical layout of the whole vehicle. There are specific requirements for connectors and wires and various auxiliary materials on it, such as the insertion hole position of wires, the color of wires, what kind of adhesive tape is used to fix and other basic information.

The automobile harness tooling board is generally composed of wood (base material) and various jigs (metal / plastic). Because it needs to bear a lot of jigs (heavy weight), the wood plate is generally solid, with a certain angle of inclination facing the employees. There are mainly two production modes: assembly line and single board. There are a lot of drawings and even physical photos of parts on the tooling board, which is to make the employees clear about the manufacturing requirements.