Some points for attention when arranging automobile harness


With the continuous improvement of modern automobile safety, comfort and environmental protection requirements, the number of circuits and power consumption on the automobile are obviously increased, so that how to arrange a large number of harnesses more effectively and reasonably in the limited automobile space has become a problem faced by the automobile manufacturing industry. The following small edition focuses on the placement of automobile wire harness, and mainly introduces the precautions for the placement of automobile wire harness.6流水线5.jpg

1、 The fixing points of wire harness are arranged reasonably and fixed reliably

(1) According to the actual device orientation of the harness on the vehicle, in order to prevent the sagging and displacement of the harness, and considering the component of the harness, the fixing mode and the convenience of fixing the orientation, the harness must be fixed with satisfactory and reasonable fixing points and methods.

(2) Set fixed points according to the direction of the harness and the specific shape of the vehicle body. The spacing between the two fixed points on the straight line without fulcrum is generally no more than 300 mm; a fixed point can be set in the direction of obtuse angle inflection point; two fixed points need to be set in the right angle inflection point; sharp angle inflection point is prevented from appearing in the harness.

(3) According to the shape and outer diameter of the harness, select the type and size of the fixed buckle, and meet the needs of receiving the harness components.

(4) In the direction of connector connecting with other wire harness and electrical materials, it is considered to set a fixed point in a proper direction not more than 120mm in front of the connector.

(5) It is considered to set fixed points on the main line in the direction of fulcrum, and the spacing between fixed points shall not be greater than 100mm.

(6) In the direction of the device for fixing the buckle, there must be enough space to facilitate the device and disassembly of the buckle.

2、 Neat appearance and bunched equipment

(1) The harness shall be placed along the edge and groove (the planned routing groove on the vehicle body) to prevent the harness from directly receiving pressure. The wiring harness shall not be exposed in the cab; in the position where the wiring harness can be observed, such as the engine room, eye-catching attraction points or eye-catching colors shall be set, and the wiring harness of this device is not outstanding or conspicuous.

(2) The placement method is in the projection direction, according to the horizontal and vertical chessboard, to prevent the oblique line placement.

(3) The gap with the pipeline shall be even and reasonable with the surrounding parts.

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