The development of excellent mould promotes the technical improvement of mould industry in China


In recent years, the system reform of China's mold industry has been strengthened, coupled with the rapid development of industry, especially the development of automobile manufacturing industry and it manufacturing industry, which has promoted the rapid growth of China's mold industry, the improvement of mold grade, and excellent mold manufacturing equipment to provide a guarantee for the improvement of the technical level of China's mold industry. Due to the different materials, appearance, specifications and uses of various products, molds are divided into non plastic molds such as casting mold, forging mold, die casting mold, stamping mold, and plastic mold. Due to the diversity, complexity and wide applicability of mold manufacturing, the mold industry is known as "imperial industry", and the development prospect of China's mold industry is bright.

Chinese mold enterprises pay more and more attention to patent technology, with more than 5000 invention patents and 7000 utility model patents. In terms of the situation, at a time when part of the sovereign debt crisis and economic contraction are increasingly coming to China's economy, the Chinese government and various manufacturing industries have organized responses, and the mold industry will also be tested.